Risk Stratification
for DeFi

Easily segment your crypto assets into senior and junior tranches to use across DeFi.

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a Crypto Asset

Step 1

Select an Active Bond

Find a bond for your desired crypto asset with desired parameters and maturity date.

Step 2

Deposit Assets

Deposit your asset(s) to mint tranche tokens in proportion to the tranche ratios and collateral amount.


Use Tranche Tokens

Tranche tokens can be used across DeFi. Button Zero is a great example of a marketplace for bonds.

your Tranches

Step 1

Bond Matures

Tranche tokens can be redeemed at bond maturity for the underlying collateral in a waterfall fashion.

Step 2

Go to Button Zero

Go to Button Zero and check holdings. Your tranche tokens can be redeemed for the underlying collateral there.


Interested in Building on Buttonwood?

The ButtonTranche contracts serve as a foundation for marketplaces. Projects are using tranche to create Convertible Bonds and Fiat-Free Stablecoins. What will you build?

Bug Bounty

Security is of the utmost important to us. We offer up to $500,000 for critical bugs.